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about pusan utc

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Wellcome Rolls-Royce and Pusan National University
Technology Centre in Thermal Management

Growing demand for environmentally friendly power-energy system with lower emissions and improved fuel consumption can be met by incorporating thermal management system into the power system. For next generation power system such as aero gas turbine engines, ultra-light and highly efficient thermal management system in harsh operating condition is becoming important. For the development of advanced thermal management system, fundamental design, reliability assessment, manufacturing and validation technologies are essential. These core technologies can be applied to many relevant industrial areas including marine, nuclear systems.

Rolls-Royce is the global top-tier in power system and is famous for their unique collaborative research program through University Technology Centre (UTC). Rolls-Royce is operating 29 UTCs around the world and PNU-UTC in thermal management is the first UTC in Asia. Rolls-Royce and PNU started the research to develop the highly efficient and light-weighted advanced heat exchangers as the first collaboration project from 2006. Based on the promising achievements and capability development through this co-work, the official opening of PNU-UTC was held in February 2008. PNU-UTC is now about to develop the thermal management technology to cope effectively with the global warming from supports under GRDC (Global R&D Centre) program given by central government. I am proud of being charged with this advanced research subject in this UTC.

PNU-UTC is aiming to become the hub of thermal management in the world. For this end, global collaborations with Rolls-Royce, Rolls-Royce supply chains and Rolls-Royce UTC network such as Oxford, Cambridge, Loughborough and Karlsruhe Universities are actively going through internship and researcher exchange programs. Joint research with regional industry and research institutes such as DongHwa Entec and CNGHX (Center for Next Generation Heat Exchanger) are also underway. Now we are developing the core capabilities of optimal design, multi-physics analysis, manufacturing technology and HPHT (high temperature high pressure) test facilities.

We will pour our best efforts to achieve our vision of global R&D hub. Your ceaseless interest and kind comments will be always welcome and appreciated.

pusan national university
rolls-royce and pusan national university technology centre in thermal management 412 samsung b/d, 2, busandaehak-ro 63beon-gil, geumjeong-gu, busan, 46241, korea tel. +82-51-510-3398

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