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Parking on Campus

For parking on the University campus, drivers are required to pay parking fees. Ordinary vehicles entering PNU are required to pay fixed parking fees. The parking fees are KRW 1,000 for the first 30 minutes, with KRW 200 imposed for each additional ten minutes thereafter. After two hours, this fee increases to KRW 300 for each additional ten minutes. PNU’s parking policy aims to minimize the entrance of vehicles, considering the lack of on-campus parking areas, and create a pleasant learning environment.
Regular visitors and members of PNU may apply for benefits such as free parking or discounts.
Beneficiaries of the Free Parking Program
  • Official visitors of PNU
  • Disabled students
  • Participants in official PNU events (entrance ceremony, graduation ceremony, and acceptance of entrance applications)
  • Members of the press who visit PNU for official purposes
  • Visitors who visit PNU for business purposes, and garbage collectors
  • Donors or persons who visit PNU for affairs related to the PNU Promotion Fund
  • Visitors who visit PNU for the issuance of certificates
  • Visitors who stay on the PNU campus for less than ten minutes?
Beneficiaries of Discount Program
  • Invited instructors or researchers participating in joint research projects
  • Participants in symposiums or seminars
  • Suppliers or maintenance staff of PNU
※ The discounted parking rate is KRW 1,000 for up to four hours per day, KRW 2,000 from four hours to six hours, and KRW 3,000 from six hours to eight hours. Drivers who park their cars for more than eight hours are required to pay regular parking fees.
※ Drivers of small vehicles (less than 1,000cc) may receive a 50 percent discount from the regular parking fees.
Application for Parking Discount for Regular Visitors
Regular visitors of PNU may apply for discount benefits, using the application procedure.
* Department in charge: Office of Administrative Affairs or Office of Accounting of registered organizations
* Qualifications: Drivers of vehicles registered in their own name or the name of their spouse.
< Qualified Users and Fees for Regular Visitors>
  • PNU staff: KRW 8,000 per month
  • Part-time instructors and honorary professors: KRW 5,000 per month
  • Students of special graduate schools, professional graduate schools, and Doctor degree programs: KRW 8,000 per month
  • In-campus businesses and construction vehicles: KRW 15,000 per month
※ For detailed information about vehicles, please contact Office of Accounting (☎+82-51-510-1132).
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